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jazzydivagrrl's Journal

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I've made my home in Columbia, MO, which I absolutely love. Columbia is a small town that fashions itself like the city. We are surrounded by colleges and the University of MO, with extension centers for educational institutions of the surrounding area as well. Besides my passion for yoga, I love a good wine. My present fascination is mead. I recently traveled to Weston, MO with my elder daughter to visit Pirtle Winery where they make a delicious raspberry mead among others. I mother a defensive lineman, training this summer to switch to linebacker in the fall for a Central Methodist University. Another young one home with me so that I have constant companionship. I read daily. Enjoy Dean Koontz, John Grisham, and later winners of the Man Booker Award. Lots of yoga books and materials occupy my time and attention.

I teach yoga for a local health club. Before my present job, I was a fitness instructor. It was the love of my life. Today, besides my class, I occasionally substitute a the local recreation center. One of the biggest lessons yoga offers as I teach is my place in the present moment and making each offering from the heart. My goal/desire is to be present and aware for each member of my class and share yoga (union) in a way that enhances that experience.

action movies, being happy, berkeley, cheese, chocolate, friends, full moons, gardening, good sleep/rest, holidays with pay, hugs, lor trilogy (repeatedly), mild sunny mornings, my children, reading, smiles, someone cooking for me, surfing the web, taking pictures, this brings me joy:, walking, warm windy evenings, wine, yoga